Electrostatic Speakers

The Whise®HA1500 is a High Definition - Acoustics loudspeaker that finally combines two ultimate technologies into one integrated full-range solution;
" Balanced PAMSubwoofer technology for a powerful bass experience without any loss of punch or transparency in the low frequencies; and
" Ultra-thin Electrostatic Loudspeaker (ESL) Arrays which break boundaries in physical size, dispersion, loudness (SPL) and transparency, to provide a musical experience with unsurpassed realism.
The advanced subwoofer technology adopts advanced acoustic measures to ensure that the bass/sub bass audio is clear from distortion and vibration. Harmonic distortion is reduced to incredibly low levels, even at full power, combined with an incredibly fast transient response.
Unlike any known ESL system currently on the market, HA1500 combines the use of symmetrically flat electrostatic array with HD-A® mechanical techniques and stylish physical aesthetics. This gives HA1500 its unique ability to reproduce an incredibly realistic presence of the recording environment.
The HA1500's breakthrough technologies ensure frequency consistent dispersion providing a sound stage that is not confined to a sweet spot. An accurate sound image is retained even when moving around the room. This combination ensures a faithful reproduction of low frequencies that blends seamlessly with the transparency of the electrostatic element; promising you an exceptional audio experience.


Frequency Response
24 - 30,000 Hz ± 3 dB With Active Dynamic Equalisation Below 50 Hz
General Topology
Electrostatic / Cone Hybrid Active Driven With a Total Of 200W Amplification
Woofer Topology Acoustically filtered, PAM optimized, Dual 8 inch in anti-vibration configuration
Woofer Amplification Dual 100W Class AB
Electrostatic Panel Amplification 100W Class AB
Maximum Output Level @ 3 Meters
110 dB
Input Impedance
10K Ohms
Electrostatic Panel Blend Frequency 3 Position Adjust ( 230 / 160 / 80 Hz )


Stereo Compatible

5.1 Channel Compatible YES
Vertical Dispersion 110 mm Line Source
Horizontal Dispersion ( Stereo Mode ) 30 Degrees
Impulse “Waterfall” Decay Time 80 Microseconds
Sound Pressure Fall Off With Distance
0.5 dB Per Meter
Distortion Below 80 Hz
Less than 1%
Distortion Above 80 Hz Less than 0.7%
Electrostatic Array Topology
3 Segment Non Parallel Structure, Turbulence Reduction Technology
Bass Controls 80 Hz / 250 Hz
Room Brightness Control
Dull, Normal, Bright (+- 3 dB)
RCA Line in, Speaker Terminal Amplifier Level Input
Power Supply 240V / 120V Switchable
Weight Approx. 30 Kg / 66.14 Ibs
Dimensions 1500 (H) x 377 (W) x 350 (D) mm 59.06 (H) x 14.84 (W) x 13.78 (D) inches